The Mana Body Love
$37 USD

The Mana Body Love Workbook is a 55-page actionable workbook full of thought-provoking exercises and prompts to understand your negative self talk and how you can start showing your body some love!

All of the exercises inside this Workbook are designed by Rachel, full of her love, advice and wisdom that she gained in her training as a women’s health educator and coach




You are beautiful – inside and out. Deep down you know that right? But social media (and the whole damn world) makes us question it every single day. What would happen if you claimed it, and showed yourself some more love?


In a world constantly telling us that we need to be something else and look a certain way, it’s time to declare that we are enough! What better way to do just that than with this Body Love Workbook. This 55-page workbook is jam-packed full of body-loving worksheets and exercises to get you thinking about the way you look and think about your body.


This Workbook is something you can turn to when that little voice inside you head tells you that you aren’t enough – so that you can develop the confidence to remind yourself of your worth, your value and the fact that you are beautiful and so enough. Because let’s face it, we all need a little reminder every now and then.

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3 ebook bundle
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$37 USD

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