The Mana Guide to
Meal Planning
$37 USD

Simple, yet stunning, this 30-page guide to meal planning gives you every step you need to start planning healthy and delicious meals today.


Includes templates for meal planning, writing out your grocery list, reviewing your kitchen and current planning strategy and a “favourite things” tracker for your new faves! All templates are ready for you to print and start using instantly.


All of the steps inside this guide are written by Rachel (filled to the brim with knowledge she gained in her training as an internationally recognised nutrition and health coach and the strategies she has refined after years of meal planning herself) – just follow the steps and your plan will be ready in no time!


I’m probably not supposed to have favourites, but man, oh man! This Guide is a LIFE SAVER! That’s right, you’re feeling stuck when it comes to planning meals that are healthy and you’re asking yourself “Is it even possible to do this and actually enjoy what I’m eating?”, and I’m over here waving this Guide in the air screaming “Yes! Use this!”. If you’re wondering how to get started, set up your kitchen for success and finally stop arriving home from the supermarket with all of the treats, this is exactly what you need (If I do say so myself).


You can download the Guide straight away and instantly get started planning next week’s meals with confidence. You’ll be a meal-planning queen in no time! Trust me: this one’s a keeper!

$47 USD


3 ebook bundle
$97 USD
$37 USD

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