The Mana Guide to
Understanding (and Loving!)
Your Menstrual Cycle
$37 USD

Your ultimate guide to the menstrual cycle is packed full of essential knowledge that empowers you to tune in to your body, understand your cycle and discover a completely natural method of tracking your fertility (because it’s so much more than just your period).


Beautifully designed PDF for an easy, comprehensible read – just hit download and it’s instantly yours!


Includes in-depth information about your menstrual cycle as well as a step by step guide to tracking your symptoms and fertile signs that will completely change your life and your fertility.


This is the ultimate guide to your menstrual cycle that not only shows you how to connect with your body and work with (not against) your natural rhythm – but how to accurately identify your body’s fertile signs so you can achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. No matter what season of life you’re in right now, this knowledge is a GAME-CHANGER. 

Let’s be honest: nobody actually teaches us this stuff. We see our periods as a monthly inconvenience, we suppress our natural cycle with artificial hormones and when we are finally ready for pregnancy, we don’t understand our bodies and we struggle to conceive.

Let me walk you through everything you need to know about your period (and what happens for the rest of the month) and why your fertility matters – even if you’re not planning on having a baby right now. We’ll break it all down week by week and trust me, this knowledge will completely transform how you live your life! From how you exercise to what you eat during your cycle, this guide will change up your health and help you to celebrate your body like never before.

$47 USD


$37 USD
$37 USD

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