The Mana Pregnancy
Workout Guide
$77 USD

200 pages and 36 workout circuits and 200+ exercises designed for you to take control, get active and stay safe during every trimester of your pregnancy.


12 workouts for each trimester, including full-colour images and text descriptions of every single exercise, all modified according to pregnancy exercises guidelines and physiotherapist-approved (and designed!).


Instantly download your workout guide to your tablet or phone for easy use at home or the gym. No intimidating classes or heavy equipment required!


What’s better than a workout program that’s been approved by a physiotherapist? A workout program that’s been designed by a physiotherapist!


Let me guess, staying active during your pregnancy isn’t quite as simple as you planned. Feeling so tired and nauseous that exercise was out of the question for a while, but now that you’re feeling good and ready to work out you have no idea where to start!


The only pregnancy workouts you can find online are by fitness influencers or proudly promote a “belly only pregnancy” (Is that even a *thing*??) Why is it so hard find a “normal” pregnancy workout for “normal” pregnant women?


If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and just want some clear guidelines (from someone with a qualification) about exercising during pregnancy, you are in luck! As soon as my girl Lauren shared her happy news with me, we got to work designing an epic workout program for pregnancy. Yep, she was the guinea pig! These are the exact workouts she did throughout her pregnancy. 


Trimester by trimester… upper body, lower body, full body workouts…cardio, dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight…our combined qualifications as physiotherapist and personal trainer has resulted in something pretty amazing just for you!


Add your 5 ebook bundle
PLUS bonus pregnancy planner
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