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Learn the 3 secrets to Growing a Healthy Baby

(without drastically changing your diet)

in this free online video training with a focus on pregnancy nutrition

Here's What You'll Learn!

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secret #1

Baby eats what you eat

I’m giving away everything you need to know to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy – we’ll go step by step through why nutrition and healthy eating is so important during your pregnancy, and what you can do to support your baby's development right from the start. 

secret #2

There are key essential nutrients you need during pregnancy

Once you know exactly what nutrients you and your baby need, I'll show you step by step how to make sure you get them in every meal.

secret #3

You can still eat healthy even when you’re struggling with cravings, aversions and heartburn.

You'll learn how to manage those uncomfortable pregnancy side effects and boost your nutrition (when all you want to eat is toast).

Yep, I'm giving it ALL away for free!

You'll also get my FREE Serving Size Guide to help you know exactly how to get started with healthy eating during pregnancy and understand how many serves of particular foods you need each day

Meet Rachel!


nutrition & health coach

trained teacher in natural fertility education

your masterclass mentor

I founded Mana Women’s Wellness with the mission to empower curious women to tune in to their own body’s intelligence, understand what it needs and recognise when it is signalling that something is not quite right.

I was sick and tired of watching family and friends struggle to find the help and support they desperately needed during their pregnancies and after birth. I was frustrated that incredible women were not getting the treatment they needed because of their location, their finances and because nobody was giving them any advice!

I realised how many women believed that it was normal to leak after a having a baby, to experience pain during sex and to simply accept their symptoms as a part of being a woman.

My goal is to educate women at all stages of life to better understand their health and celebrate their bodies.

Knowledge is Empowerment - When you truly understand your body, you are empowered to make informed decisions about your health.

ready to take control of your health?